February 3rd, 2008 by Tina
Name: Interlude
Artist: Maxfield Parrish
Year: 1922
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 6′ 11″ x4′ 11″
Project: Mural for Eastman Theater, Rochester, NY

Parrish made extensive use of photography in his work. However, it appears he only executed two painted photographs: a derivative of Interlude, which appears here, is one of them. The original project involved painting a large mural for a vertically-oriented entrance of the Eastman Theater in Rochester, New York. Parrish named this mural Interlude.

The only problem with a mural, is that it’s hard to make a print of it: it being attached to a wall and all. A painted photograph proved a viable solution. House of Art produced the picture in two formats: vertical under the name Interlude, and horizontal bearing the name Lute Players.

Two facts support the assertion that Parrish never painted an original oil of Lute Players and that the painted photograph is a derivative of the mural Parrish named Interlude:

  1. Coy Ludwig, renown for his work cataloging Parrish’s work, assigned the same catalog number (L.680) to Interlude, the original mural, and Lute Players, the painted photograph.
  2. When the Julia Auction House of Maine auctioned the painted photo of Interlude/Lute Players in November 2004, they identified it as a photo that had been painted over by Parrish for the purpose of making prints using information written on Parrish’s distinctive stationery.

In case you were wondering, the other painted photograph executed by Parrish is the picture of Villa Caprarola.

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