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February 2nd, 2008 by Tina

About This Site

This gallery of works by Maxfield Parrish has been online since 1995, formerly as Lady McDuff’s Maxfield Parrish Gallery, now as simply MaxfieldParrish.info.

Maxfield Parrish was a very, very prolific artist, producing hundreds of works during his lifetime. Here you’ll find pictures of a variety of his works, categorized by year. Each entry includes a thumbnail picture, alongside some basic salient facts about the work, followed by notes regarding the subject. In most cases, clicking on the thumbnail will provide you a larger view of the featured work. Tags at the end of each entry provide yet another way to browse the catalogue.

New entries appear sporadically – as I find time to add them. My goal is to catalog as much as I can. Of course, that could take a bit of time, seeing as how Parrish was quite the busy bee. Eventually, I’ll probably provide some biographical information, too, though that information is pretty easy to find on the Web right now.

About the Site Owner/Creator

I’ve been a fan of Maxfield Parrish since the early 1980′s when I first saw a poster of Ecstasy. I managed to acquire a print of Ecstasy and Waterfall myself shortly thereafter. They both hung on the wall of my first apartment, and of every place I lived thereafter. It was years before I could afford frames, so initially I pinned them up still on the cardboard and in the cellophane in which they came. I still have those same posters hanging in my home, now framed. Their corners got a little water damaged when my first apartment got flooded and even though my sister bought me a replacement of Ecstasy, I’ve still got the old one up: sentimentality I guess.

In the early days of the Web, there was very little information about Maxfield Parrish available online. There were also very few pictures of his work.  Sooo, having a scanner and the wherewithal to build a web site, I started my own online gallery. My goal: to share the beauty and range of his work with others.

Please do not write me with questions about the value of various Parrish collectibles. I am not an expert on Maxfield Parrish, so I can’t help you. I rely on the expertise of others for the information provided herein. Please refer to the Books page for a bibliography and list of books about Maxfield Parrish: his life and his works.

Happy browsing.

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